Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Beauty of Pandora

Tak sangka arini, asalnya takde plan, hanya nak tido & lepak2 kat rumah, aku end up watching Avatar for the 2nd time, this time in 3D, & makan lak steamboat dinner with my fellow Inspidean, FUH! what a night! XD

It's soooo NOT like me, aku tak pernah tengok movie yang sama 2 kali atau berkali-kali kat wayang, & aku rasa aku takkan buat mcm tu, tapi kali ni aku rase lain, & yg paling penting, aku tak rase menyesal. Walaupon asalnya kawan aku, Nanie excidently terbeli satu tiket lebih for that movie, which is asalnya dorang 11 orang, & aku plak malam sblom tu saje2 gatal cakap nak tengok lagi muvi tu dalam 3D, dia terus call aku untuk datang tgk which is aku ingat dia mmg beli utk aku haha! But overall it's worth it! Sebelum ni aku tgk kat TGV yang tayangan biasa, & now I can see the different, which is 3D is much worth it! And nasib baik aku dah tgk sebelum ni, so aku tak perlulah catch the storyline, so now that I can catch all the details of the beauty of the visual CGI effect! :P

It's sooo briliant for James Cameroon to created a whole new world from scratch, & he took 12 years too figured it out, which is aku rasa dunia yang dicipta sehebat Star Wars Saga & Lord of the Rings. How remarkable of the feel, the love, the character, & how they connected with each other, like global network, & the mother nature of Eywa, it's all about the message, about how human forgets, about their creator. Love the story, love the creature, love their culture, love all the beauty of Pandora.

Inilah movie yang terhebat pernah aku tengok, terlalu detail rekaannya & susah aku nak detect cacat-celanya, from modern science-fiction thing to fairy tales, & how the realistic human mixing to the CGI creatures & machines, it's too realistic, it's what fascinated me. Bila aku tunggu muvi tu sampai la habis to its end credit, no wonder, I find lots of people take part in making the movie, lots of department, from modelling, VFX, lots of studios, & I find Lucasfilms from Star Wars Saga, & Weta Digital from The Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong. Hey! Check out the artbook! Aku rasa aku kene dapatkan satu :D

Dan ni plak aku jumpa komen salah seorang penonton yang aku rasakan menarik utk dikongsikan, petikan dari :

"If you have any memory of past history and present history you would realize this movie is a masterpiece and would see all the hidden messages.

It shows us of what happened with the native people here and elsewhere. It also lets us see that man is doing it again against Iraq and Iran and Afghanistan. Lets kill everyone even nature to make a buck for a few powerful hundred people, to get the oil, like the rock in the movie. I found this movie the best I have ever seen. It touched me deeply.

Here in Canada, Quebec to be precise they dug up graves in native land to build, and when the native people protested for these are sacred grounds to them, they could not understand and made the native look bad because they retaliated against this, they even sent the army in to provoke them because they had made blockades.

I love nature and I know God gave us the Earth to take care of it, as a loan and we will all have to give account for how we took care of it. I find this movie has a great message and even now the Earth is fighting back with tsunamis and floods and wild animals attacking people, animals that never did before like the bears in Canada and all kinds of animals starving because man screwed up the land and they have no where to go to eat etc. I liked the hair thing, like Samson, the power was in his hair, the tree was also symbolic like the burning bush and the tree of life in revelation. I found it to be a truly magnificent film."

Yeah man, i feel it too. And I can SEE YOU :)

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