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Laptop Oh Laptop

Semenjak laptop rosak aritu, sangat2 lah susah kalau aku nak buat kerja atau job2 freelance. Agak segan pula nak sibuk2 guna PC adik ipar kat rumah tu sebab ramai juga yang nak pakai internet. Jadi berfikir2 juga untuk beli laptop yang baru, kalau boleh nak cari laptop yang murah tapi sesuai untuk kerja2 grafik. Ada ke?

Jadi aku google, maka terjumpalah link ini Choosing a Laptop for a Graphic Designer. Walaupun entry ni dah 2008, tapi aku rasa masih dapat membantu untuk mencari laptop yang sesuai dengan aku. Hopefully hmm... Ini sedikit sebanyak ringkasan dari link di atas:

Choosing a Laptop for a Graphic Designer

Highly recommend people stick with Dell or Apple. IBM and Toshiba are good too, but they typically market more to corporations than home users. Both Dell and Apple are pretty much the top of the line as far as home and small business go. You'll always hear about people who have had problems with both, but they are pretty good about fixing things if you get the extra warranty.

1) Screen resolution. Not screen size! My Dell that I got in 2003 is 15.4", but has a resolution of 1680×1050.

2) Dedicated graphics card. The lower-end computers use a graphics card that is built in and shares the main system memory. This means you lose 100-200 megabytes of RAM since your graphics card is using it. Getting a dedicated graphics card means it has its own RAM and doesn’t share with the main system. My Dell has a 64mb graphics card, although they are usually 128-256mb now. But even the 64mb card is better than none. Dell’s Inspiron series has the share graphics card, they call it the "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator". The XPS and Studio series have the dedicated graphics card, either a 128mb or 256mb NVIDIA GeForce.

3) RAM. You can get away with having 1gb of RAM, but really you should shoot for 2gb minimum. 3gb is good, 4gb is more than enough for anything you'll do, short of having all of CS3 and a video editing program open at the same time.

4) Processor. Any of the Intel Duos will be totally fine. You really won't notice much of a difference between the 2.1ghz and the 2.6 ghz. You will, however, notice a difference between an Intel Duo and an Intel Celeron. A lot of other brands, and also the lower-end Dells use the Celeron processors. You definitely do not want one of these. You will notice that it is much slower.

5) Built-in camera. You may not think you need it, but if you don't get it you'll find yourself constantly annoyed that you don’t have one and everyone else does.

In Conclusion

With Dell's Inspiron and Studio lines you can get a screen at 1920x1200. That is the same resolution as my 24" iMac, and it's absolutely incredible, especially for photo editing. Packing it into a 15.4" laptop screen makes the individual pixels really tiny, but that will only make things super sharp looking.

Hopefully this information helps someone in their search for the perfect laptop!"

Dan ini pula yang aku dapat dari - Best Laptops for Graphic Designers 2011-2012 & ada satu laptop yang memikat hati aku, tapi mahal gila la. Dalam mimpi jela bleh dapat ni hehehe :P

Ini adalah Alienware-M17X. Even adik dia Alienware-M15X pun dah buat aku terliur. Cuba tengok link ini hahah!

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